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Doctor Discussion Guide

When you speak to your doctor about quitting smoking, being prepared may make your conversation easier and more productive. Here are a few questions you can answer in advance. Then download this page* and take it with you on your next doctor visit.

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Starting a quit-smoking conversation with your doctor

Here are a few things you might say if you're thinking about quitting smoking:

  • I have been a smoker for ____ years, and I'm ready to quit.
  • I want to quit smoking because _________.
  • I would like to start quitting smoking on _______.
  • I have/have not tried to quit smoking before, but I would like to now.
  • I have tried to quit smoking ________ times in the past, and I'm ready to try again.
  • When I tried to quit smoking in the past, I have experienced nicotine withdrawal symptoms, like ______.
  • I've heard that there are benefits to quitting smoking, like __________. Can you tell me some of the other potential benefits?

Talking to your doctor about CHANTIX® (varenicline)

If you and your doctor discuss CHANTIX as a treatment option, here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Is CHANTIX right for me?
  • What are the possible side effects and other safety information I should know about?
  • How does CHANTIX work?
  • How will I know if CHANTIX is working for me?
  • How long should I take CHANTIX?
  • How will I feel when I'm quitting smoking?
  • How can I make a quit plan and what support plans can help with my quit?

What you should tell your doctor

Tell your doctor about all of your medical conditions including if you:

  • have had depression or other mental health problems.
  • have had any symptoms during other times you tried to quit smoking with CHANTIX.
  • have kidney problems or get kidney dialysis. Your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of CHANTIX for you.
  • have any allergies.
  • are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. CHANTIX has not been studied in pregnant women. It is not known if CHANTIX will harm your unborn baby. It is best to stop smoking before you get pregnant.
  • are breastfeeding. Although it was not studied in humans, CHANTIX may pass into breast milk. You and your doctor should talk about the best way to feed your baby if you take CHANTIX.

Tell your doctor about all other medicines including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your doctor if you take insulin, asthma medicines, or blood thinners. When you stop smoking there may be a change in how these and other medicines work for you. Tell your doctor if you're taking other quit-smoking medicines. CHANTIX should not be taken with other quit-smoking medicines.

Now you have a few quit-smoking conversation starters that you can share with your doctor.

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