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CHANTIX is a prescription medicine to help adults stop smoking.

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Talk to your
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Talk to your healthcare provider today

If you want to try to quit smoking, your doctor can help you get started. Talk to your doctor today about whether CHANTIX® (varenicline) or another quit-smoking treatment option may be right for you.

CHANTIX plus support

When trying to quit smoking, support from friends, family, support programs, and most importantly your healthcare provider, can help. Watch the video to learn more.

Hear from other real CHANTIX patients.

Get help talking to your doctor about quitting

If you’re willing to try to quit smoking, your doctor can help. In fact, support from your doctor, which includes counseling and medication, can double your chances of quitting successfully.* The first step to getting their help is to talk about your smoking history. Simply answer the questions below and we’ll generate a list of topics to help guide the conversation.

*When participants received high-intensity counseling >10 minutes.

Your smoking history

Eligible patients can save on CHANTIX

Many insurance plans cover CHANTIX for a low or $0 co-pay. Contact your insurance company for your plan information. You may also be eligible for our Savings Card.

With the CHANTIX Savings Card, eligible patients can save up to $75 on their monthly prescription (see Terms and Conditions).

This co-pay card is not health insurance and will only be accepted at participating pharmacies.


Already have a CHANTIX Savings Card from your healthcare provider? You can activate it here.

How much can I save when I
quit smoking?

In addition to the many health benefits of quitting smoking, use the calculator below to see how much money you can save by not buying cigarettes.

Cost of cigarettes for 1 month: $0.00
Cost of cigarettes for 3 months:   $0.00
Cost of cigarettes for 1 year: $0.00

Interested in potentially saving money on CHANTIX?* Learn about the CHANTIX Savings Card for eligible patients.

*Terms and conditions apply. This is not heath insurance. Available only at participating pharmacies.

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