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CHANTIX is Proven to Work

In studies, 44% of CHANTIX users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment (compared to 18% on sugar pill). CHANTIX also helped reduce the urge to smoke.

Helping Smokers Quit

CHANTIX has been proven to be more effective in helping smokers quit than Zyban® (bupropion hydrochloride). The average person in these smoking cessation studies had been a smoker for more than 24 years. The trials involved a mix of men and women who smoked an average of 10 or more cigarettes a day.

CHANTIX Study Results


CHANTIX is proven to work. Learn about the study.

1,022 patients were enrolled in this study, and results were duplicated in another identically designed clinical trial.

Patients received either CHANTIX 1 mg twice a day, Zyban 150 mg twice a day, or sugar pills twice a day for 12 weeks. In addition to the pills, patients were given a booklet on quitting smoking and received brief counseling at each visit.

In weeks 9 through 12 in the study, the smoking status of each patient was checked, and the information was compared among the 3 groups. Patients were considered quit if they did not smoke a cigarette (not even a puff) or use other nicotine products for the final 4 weeks of treatment. CHANTIX was proven to be more effective than the sugar pill or Zyban.

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