How CHANTIX works

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How CHANTIX works

When you start taking CHANTIX, you’ve taken a step toward becoming a nonsmoker. Find out how CHANTIX is believed to work to help you quit.

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Learn how CHANTIX is believed to help smokers quit

To understand how CHANTIX is believed to work, it’s important to know how the nicotine from cigarettes affects you.

When you smoke, nicotine is sent to your brain, where it attaches to nicotine receptors. A chemical called dopamine is released, making you feel good. Then your dopamine levels drop. This makes you want another cigarette.

CHANTIX attaches to nicotine receptors in the brain, so that nicotine can’t. With CHANTIX, dopamine is still released, but less so than with nicotine. It is believed that these actions are how CHANTIX may help you quit smoking.


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Fixed turkey

Don't want to quit
smoking cold turkey?
CHANTIX can help
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With CHANTIX, you can
keep smoking at first
ease into quitting.